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Product Code: ART3V
£330.00 Per week
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Product Code: ART3V
£330.00 Per week
  • 3-f Voltage output from 1-f supply
  • 0-450V f-N output voltage
  • 20VA/phase maximum output
  • Variable Frequency 30-999.9Hz
  • Phase shift ±180.0°
  • Multi-function timing system
  • USB keyboard for comment
  • USB data storage.
  • Ideally suited to testing G59 schemes
  • Step change of phase and df/dt
  • Large 6.5” back-lit colour LCD
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • Fully Programmable test procedures.
  • Rugged case and weighs under 9kg.

The new ART3V brings new features to our range of relay test equipment making it far more adaptable. The new output voltages are higher and have a finer level of accuracy and control. The new full colour LCD provides more test detail, making it easy to understand. The ART3V user interface is an improvement of the DVS3 mk2 allowing simple testing of complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems.

The ART3V has vastly improved accuracy, stability, and features. Designed to be the trusted and reliable voltage source for relay testing. The ART3V has been designed using the latest digital technology to generate a highly stable and accurate output with very low distortion. Each phase output is individually adjustable for voltage, frequency and phase angle. The unit is controlled by a simple user interface within defined menus. Values may be either typed in at the capacitive keypad or finely varied using a smooth rotary encoder.

Bespoke test procedures can be created for step changes of any output variable at set times or with automatic timing of the response of the relay under test.

The ART3V has a colour back-lit display to provide an easy to read user interface. Menu options are selected by dedicated buttons on the panel, allowing easy mode change. All information is displayed including contact set status, and a phasor diagram.