Hiring Equipment: To hire or not hire that is the question

Is hiring equipment really a waste of time and money? Customers regularly ask us why they should hire instead of buy. There are, of course, pros and cons to both hiring and buying, which is why deciding on what is the best option is not easy. To help you decide we have compiled a list of our top reasons why hiring is best.

Top reasons for hiring equipment

1. Access the latest models

hiring equipment - the right tools for the jobHiring equipment gives you access to the latest measuring and testing tools. Which means you can take advantage of the latest developments in technology and design, and really get a feel for new features that you might not otherwise be aware of.

2. Compare

We’re all guilty of using recommendations instead of doing the leg work ourselves. While recommendations are great, you could miss out on that perfect piece of kit which could really benefit your project. Hiring equipment is a great opportunity to compare different brands and models and really find out which performs the best. So, throw caution to the wind and forget those recommendations!

3. What to hire

Buying any equipment can be a cost and you want to make sure you are making the right investment. Consider hiring equipment and trialling it first to see if it is up to the task! If it isn’t then you can return and trial another model! Once you have the perfect piece of equipment then you can look to purchase at a later date.

4. Better value

Having the right equipment for the job is key and hiring equipment could give you access to the latest models. With higher specs and better features, you could complete jobs more quickly and efficiently.

5. Outsourcing

Free up the time you would have to spend on researching new measuring and hiring equipment. Why waste time researching when you can speak to our experts Kath and Roy? Not only do they have in depth knowledge but they can advise you about which type of equipment you need for your project.

6. Storage

If you have limited storage space, then hiring is definitely for you! Not only are you cutting out the cost of storing test equipment and keeping them secure. But also, hiring gives you the additional benefit of having your equipment delivered to the project site address.

7. Cash flow

Did you know that over the short term, hiring generally costs less to than buying? If you are a smaller company this can have significant cash flow advantages.

8. Monetary value

Getting value for money is important. If you purchase equipment which you use infrequently, not only will you have paid a tax on it but there is depreciation to consider. Hiring equipment is more viable for businesses as it is 100% tax deductible. Bet you didn’t know that!

9. Competitive rates

We all love a bargain and by hiring you could save yourself a few pennies. If you choose to use Aughton Hire then you could benefit from loyalty discounts, get advance notice of new products for hire or any other promotions.

Get hiring

Whether its test and measurement equipment, or thermal imaging equipment we have a range of tools for all types of projects. Furthermore, we won’t be beaten on price! Which is why you will find that not only are prices competitive but our ‘Price Match Promise’ means that you could receive a better price. We know that project management can sometimes require last minute hiring. Which is why we offer flexible delivery options, so if you need equipment delivered to your project site next day then we can make it happen. Our excellent customer service team are ready help you with all your queries about our range of tools for hire and our other services. For further information regarding our hiring terms and conditions click here.