Test and Calibrate from the palm of your hand with the all new Additel 760

If you test and calibrate regularly then we hope you are excited about our new range of calibration tools from Additel. We understand that testing and calibrating equipment can often be a difficult and therefore you need a tool that is suitable for the job.

Why choose the Additel range?

All good things must come to an end and the Druck DPI160 and 615 have now come to the end of their lives. Along with this their support and spare parts as well. We have chosen to replace the Druck DPI160 /615 with the new Additel ADT760-MA pressure calibrator.

Additel is one of the leading worldwide providers of process calibration tools with more than eighteen years in the industry. They know how to design high quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators. In particular for those industries in precision pressure calibration and who test instrumentation.

How does the new Additel 760 series compare to the Druck DPI610/ 615?

While the Druck PI610/ 615 were reliable calibration tools, design and functionality hasAdditel 760 Series ADT760-MA moved on a great deal. The new Additel 760 series provides the end-user with plenty of friendly features including the capabilities to measure voltage and current and supply 24V loop power. This new calibration tool series provides the user new optional features to configure individual devices to:

  1. complete data log pressure readings
  2. setup calibration tasks
  3. communicate with HART-smart devices.

These optional features help end-users complete their work with ease and precision.

For our Druck devotees, if you are lifelong user of the Druck DPI610/ 615 series we want to reassure you that the Additel 760 series will pleasantly surprise you. The new modern design of the Additel 760 calibrators has not only made them lighter in weight but smaller in size too compared to the Druck DPI160/ 615. The new design makes Additel 760 the perfect for the workplace, as it is easier to handle and more versatile.

Get Calibrating

If you are still unsure, then we recommend that you give the Additel 760 a try and discover yourself how great this replacement calibration tool is. Alternatively take a look at our range of New and Used Test and Measurement Equipment for Sale. In addition to this we provide an Instrument Calibration and Repair Services for any instruments that we stock. As well as having the appropriate accreditations and certifications to carry out the work.

Why not call Kath or Roy on 01928 589600 to arrange a hire, purchase or instrument calibration today?