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T & R PT30-10

Product Code: T528
T & R PT30-10
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T & R PT30-10

Product Code: T528

T&R PT30 10 Mk2 HV DC Cable Test System Description

The T&R PT30 10 Mk2 HV DC cable test system has a maximum variable output voltage of ±30kVdc. In addition to this, it has an automatic mains voltage selection for easy switching. If a test system fails, the PT30 10’s overload circuit will trip, which then turns off the output voltage and earthing the output. This therefore means that the unit is extremely safe to use. We offer the PT30 10 DC cable test system to rent for just £190 per week.

Features and Benefits

  • 10mA output capability
  • Both voltage and current metered on HV outputs
  • HV output plug & socket system
  • Key operated supply switch in order to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Visual indication of test piece failure

Product Specs

  • Output: All of the PT series cable test systems have high quality high voltage output connectors, and come with detachable output cables
  • Voltage: 0 to ±30kV, Continuous: 5mA, 5 minutes: 10mA
  • Metering: HV output by separate analogue instruments which shows the positive and negative output voltages
  • Range: 0-30kV Accuracy: ±1.5% of full scale. Dual range analogue instrument meters the output current on both of the outputs.
  • Overload Protection: Protected by an overload trip on the output that operates at 12mA
  • Load Discharge System: The units come with an automatic internal load discharge system that grounds the load via a 20kW resistor on each output when the output is off. The discharge system dissipates 2.5kJ once every 15 minutes on each output. The PT30-10 can discharge a maximum load capacitance of 4mF per output from 30kV
  • Maximum discharge energy: 2.5kJ
  • Maximum discharge capacitance from unit max output voltage: 4mF.  The units come with a DP20 or DP40 manual discharge probe in order to allow the discharge of higher capacitance loads
  • Discharge probe supplied: DP40
  • Discharge probe max discharge voltage: 40kV
  • Resistance: 60kW
  • Maximum discharge energy: 7.2kJ
  • Maximum discharge capacitance from DP max rated voltage: 11mF
  • Supply Requirements: 115V/230V±10% auto-selecting, 50/60Hz 1ph 750VA max
  • Protection and Safety: The output of the unit is protected by an overload trip, and the input and control supplies are protected by fuses. The units are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN61010. An earth terminal is provided on the units which must be connected to a low impedance local earth.
  • Temperature Range: Storage: -20°C to 60°C, Operating: 0°C to 45°C
  • Dimensions (mm): 471 x 191 x 362
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Accessories: Supply lead, spare fuse, operating manual, output leads, earth lead, DP40 discharge probe, carry case including space for leads