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SPC Pro 2 Enviro Data Logger

£85.00 Per Week
SPC Pro 2 Enviro Data Logger
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SPC Pro 2 Enviro Data Logger

£85.00 Per Week

SPC Pro 2 Enviro Data Logger Description

The SPC Pro 2 Enviro is a unique solution to the most demanding environmental conditions. SPC has a long history of using the Peli case to house their instruments and they know how good they are. Now for the first time they’ve matched the IP capabilities of the case with similarly rated connectors and sockets so provided the lid is closed and latched, this version of the SPC Pro 2 boasts a full IP66 rating.

All the cable entry glands are fully sealed types and the mains lead features an IP66 plug which retains its seal when it is connected to its mating socket or when it has its protection cap fitted. SPC have had to delete the socket for an external battery because the batteries themselves are not IP rated, but they’ve beefed up the internal battery to provide up to three weeks use when fully charged for surveys where mains power is not available. And as with all their instruments, the unit is supplied in a bespoke zip case to keep everything tidy.

The SPC Pro 2 Enviro looks similar to the original SPC Pro – but don’t be fooled, this is a different animal. It is identical in specification to the standard SPC Pro 2 boasting the larger memory and USB memory stick download capability of its sibling.


The SPC Pro 2 has almost 4 times the memory of its predecessor, allowing highly accurate surveys of up to 12 weeks duration as well as hi-speed (1 second) logging of critical plant for up to 48 hours. The larger memory is more accessible too, thanks to the USB Flash Drive interface. When you want to download the logger – even on the fly – just plug in your USB memory stick and press the ‘Download’ button and all the logger’s readings are transferred to the memory stick. It’s that easy! The SPC Pro 2 retains a second USB socket for direct connection to a PC but you can now download it without any cables, PCs or laptops required. Whichever way you do it, data download is fast efficient and foolproof.

Included in the kit is:

  • SPC Pro 2 enviro Unit c/w 3 x flex CTs
  • USB Download Cable
  • Mains Lead
  • PowerPackPro Software
  • Zip Holdall
  • Flash Drive