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Ranger PM7000T Power Quality Analyser

Product Code: RANK3
£350.00 Per week
Ranger PM7000T Power Quality Analyser
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Ranger PM7000T Power Quality Analyser

Product Code: RANK3
£350.00 Per week

Ranger PM7000T Power Quality Analyser Description

The Ranger PM7000T power quality analyser is a useful tool for testing the quality of the electric power in a system. The device is waterproof, easy to use, and also gives automatic measurements. Furthermore, this model provides 24576 samples per cycle at 50Hz. Each kit includes the power quality analyser, four flexible current clamps, five voltage probes, three neutral common leads, a mains lead or charger (US), a USB lead, Pronto for Windows analysis software, a customer CD, as well as a pocket PC. All of this therefore makes the PM7000T the ideal tool for any electrical engineer. We offer the Ranger PM7000T power quality analyser to rent for just £350 per week.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto ranking Waveform Capture
  • Records 32 channels at the same time for 2 weeks with single cycle resolution on changes
  • Records over 470 channels of general parameters in 10 minute (or user specified) increments
  • Includes a Pocket PC with every unit
  • Reports to legal standards
  • Can automatically download data after each recording to USB stick

Product Specs

  • Memory: 128MB Flash memory for all files. 32MB RAM for high speed waveform capture data, 64MB working RAM expansion with USB
  • PDA Requirements for PMScreens: Pocket PC
  • Data Retention: During recording sequential data is saved to Flash memory. Waveform capture data is held in RAM and transferred to Flash memory when recording ends. Configurations etc stored in Flash memory.
  • User Interface via remote screen: PC via Bluetooth or USB running PMScreens, or PDA (provided) via Bluetooth running PMScreens. Setup/Configuration and Data Review via remote screen. Data analysis using Pronto for Windows. Automatic download to USB stick
  • Displays On PMScreens: Power & Energy, Waveforms, Harmonics, Phasors, Harmonic Phasors, Trends, Statistics, List of Channels. Comparison to Standards.
  • Burden: Normally <10 VA from Phase A. If a charger is used the Power Supply is automatically disconnected from Phase A (input impedance per phase 32MOhms).
  • Battery Capacity: 2100mAhrs (5 HI-Temp NiMH batteries). Battery Ride Through: ten minutes at a time.
  • Measurement & Reporting Standards: IEC 61000-4-15, IEC 61000-4-7, IEC 61000-4-30, IEEE1453 (Flicker), IEEE1459, IEEE100, Report to EN50160
  • Safety Standards: IEC 61010, (600v Cat. IV, pollution level 2, 1000V CAT III if PSU fuses removed), CE Fused voltage leads (lead fuses 500mA, 700V, 50kA rupture current), IEC 61326 (EMC).
  • Internal fusing: PSU (x2), Charger input, Battery stack, Internal Thermal Switch (x2)Computer Requirements for Pronto Software: Windows 9x, ME, NT4, XP, 2000, Pentium class processor or higher;
  • Case: Pelican 1150 Guard Box: Dimensions. 22.9 x 19.1 x 11.0cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg. without leads and clamps
  • Operating Temp: -20º C (-4º F) to 60º C (140º F)
  • Environmental: IP65. Target – Main unit water resistant to IP67. Leads and their connections are not watertight and for safety reasons we strongly recommend that the operator does not connect and disconnect the unit in wet environments.
  • Applicable Patents: 6424277, 0230712, 4910692