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T&R KV30-40D Mk2 HV AC Test System

Product Code: TC28
£190.00 Per week
T&R KV30-40D Mk2 HV AC Test System
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T&R KV30-40D Mk2 HV AC Test System

Product Code: TC28
£190.00 Per week

T&R KV30 40D Mk2 AC Test System Description

The KV30 40D Mk2 AC test system is a device that tests the insulation systems on electrical components, as well as their breakdown voltages. We offer the KV30 40D Mk2 to rent for just £190 per week.

Features and Benefits

  • 1.2kVA output capability
  • Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Dual overload protection
  • Variable electronic trip – 10-110% of rated output
  • Zero-volt interlock
  • Visual indication of test piece failure

Product Specs

  • Supply Requirements: 115V±10% 50/60Hz 1ph 1200VA max, 220V±10% 50/60Hz 1ph 1200VA max, 240V±10% 50/60Hz 1ph 1200VA max
  • Overload Protection: Two overload protection circuits are provided. The first is user selectable, and allows you to set trip currents between 10% and 110% of the rated output. The second trip circuit monitors the primary of the HV transformer, and operates at approximately 130% of rated output current. An illuminated push button indicates an overload/trip condition, as well as an audible alarm
  • Protection and Safety: Variable electronic trips monitoring the output current protect the output of the unit, and a fixed over-current trip on the primary of the output transformer. The variable trip is adjustable in 10% steps between 10% and 110% of the output current. The input and control supplies have fuse protection. The devices are designed to meet the
    requirements of BS EN61010. We provide an earth terminal on the transformer, which you must connect to a low impedance local earth
  • Temperature Range: Storage: -20°C to 60°C, Operating: 0°C to 45°C
  • Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 470mm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Accessories: Supply lead, spare fuse set, operating manual, earth lead, DS30 earthing stick