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T&R DVS3 Mk2 Relay Test System

Product Code: TL21
£330.00 Per week
T&R DVS3 Mk2 Relay Test System
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T&R DVS3 Mk2 Relay Test System

Product Code: TL21
£330.00 Per week

T&R DVS3 Mk2 Relay Test System Description

The T&R DVS3 Mk2 relay test system is ideal for testing  complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems. It has a light design, yet is very powerful, and is able to give high accuracy outputs with few deformations. In additon, the device can test many relay protection systems, such as: under and over frequency, under and over voltage, synchronising, df/dt & ROCOF, vector surge, and transducers. We offer the DVS3 Mk2 relay test system to rent for as little as £330 per week.

Features and Benefits

  • Powered from a 115v or 230v, 50Hz or 60Hz single phase supply
  • Highly accurate and stable three phase output voltage
  • PC interface via RS232 for control and data analysis
  • Applications: Single and three phase directional relays (voltage source) Automatic voltage regulating relays
  • C/W step up transformer
  • In accordance with G59/3 Requirements

Product Specs

  • Output: The output of the DVS3 mk2 has four 4mm safety sockets for phases A, B, and C and neutral
  • Voltage: 0-133Vac phase-neutral, 0-230Vac phase-phase
  • Current (continuous): 200mA at 133V, 120mA at 0.1V*
  • Current (5min on/ 15min off): 335mA at 133V, 200mA at 0.1V*
  • Voltage resolution: 0.1V phase-neutral
  • Phase rotation: ±180º
  • Voltage accuracy: ±0.3%rdg+3d
    *The current trip drops linearly between maximum and minimum output voltage
  • Protection and Safety: The device has CE mark and meets the requirements of BS EN61010. Overcurrent and thermal trips protect the output, and PTC thermistors protect the contact inputs. The phase lock current input is fuse protected, and the voltage input is impedance protected. An earth terminal is provided for connection to a local earth
  • Supply Requirements: 115V/230V±10%±10% auto-selecting, 45-65Hz 1ph 425VA max
  • Temperature Range: Storage -20°C to 60°C Operating 0°C to 45°C
  • Lead Set Specifications: 1 x 3m 4 core output lead terminated in 4mm plugs, 1 x 3m 2 core timer lead terminated in 4mm plugs
  • Dimensions: 380mm x 314mm x 221mm
  • Weight: 9.1kg
  • Accessories: Output lead set, lead set case, mains lead, spare fuse set, operating manual