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T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

Product Code: T340
£190.00 Per week
T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System
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T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

Product Code: T340
£190.00 Per week

T&R 50A 3PH Mk2 Three Phase System Description

The T&R 50A 3PH Mk2 three phase system is a top-of-the-range current injector. The device provides a clear, simple method for engineering professionals to test protective systems, while still offering great versatility. Furthermore, the instrument offers a number of features that allow users of all experience levels to use it effectively. We offer the 50A 3PH three phase system to rent for just £190 per week.

Features and Benefits

  • Clear and simple user interface
  • 0-50A per phase output current
  • Memory ammeter
  • Thermal and over-current protection
  • 115V-440V 3 wire supply

Product Specs

  • Main Output: The main output on the unit has two taps, which therefore allows the selection of output voltages up to 18V and output currents up to 50A.
  • Metering: A digital true RMS system meters the output with a memory ammeter – whenever the timer stops and the output is off, the current reading will show on the display
  • Auxiliary Metering Inputs: An auxiliary metering input is provided which is able to measure RMS voltage or current
  • Auxiliary Output: A single phase isolated 110Vac 300mA/220Vac 150mA auxiliary output is provided
  • Lead Set Specifications: The device comes with a lead set in a plastic case. This includes: 6 x 3m 4mm2 output leads terminated in 4mm plugs, 2x3m, 2×0.5m 2.5mm2, and auxiliary leads terminated in 4mm plugs
  • Supply Requirements: You must specify the supply voltage requirements for the unit at the time of ordering. The unit is available for operation from either a 400V 4 wire 3p supply, or a 220V 3 wire 3p supply. The optional delta-star supply transformer allows the 400V unit to operate from other supply voltages
  • RS232 and T&R Link: An RS232 port is provided so as to allow connection of a printer or PC, and also the T&R link output provides a phase lock reference for a DVS3 phase-shifting voltage source
  • Protection and Safety: The unit has multiple protective measures. These include electronic over current and duty cycle trips on the outputs, thermal monitoring on the power components, as well as fuses on the input and regulator. An earth terminal is provided for connection to a local earth. The unit also complies with BSEN61010, and has a CE mark