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T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection Test System

Product Code: TRO40
£190.00 Per week
T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection Test System
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T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection Test System

Product Code: TRO40
£190.00 Per week

T&R 200ADM P Current Injection Test System Description

The T&R 200ADM P current injection test system is a versatile tool for checking the operation of both circuit breakers and their protective relays. This unit allows injection of currents
between 1mA and 200A, as well as an output of up to 240V. In addition, the device can measure phase angle, power, impedance, CT ratio and harmonics. We offer the 200ADM P current injection test system to rent for just £190 per week.

Features and Benefits

  • 0-200A output current
  • Variable auxiliary ac voltage/current output with phase shift
  • Variable auxiliary output of 12-220Vdc
  • Multi function auto ranging timing system
  • Automatic mains voltage selection

Product Specs

  • Main Output: The main output on the unit has four taps, allowing the selection of output voltages up to 240V and output currents up to 200A
  • I Limit Mode: The main output has a current limit mode that gives very fine control of output currents up to 10A. It also allows fine current control into very low impedance loads such as digital relays
  • Metering: The output is metered by a digital true RMS system with a single cycle capture memory ammeter—whenever the timer stops and the output is off, the current reading will show on the display. You can capture the RMS value of a single cycle
  • Timing System: Range: 0-999.999s/9999.99s/99999.9s autoranging, Resolution: 1/10/100ms, Accuracy: 0.01%rdg+2d (+4d current operated mode), Contact o/c: 24V, Contact s/c: 20mA, Vdc: 24—240V. Each contact circuit will auto-select for normally open or normally closed contacts. A DC voltage of 24—240Vdc may also be used to trigger either timer channel. Contact state is shown by an LED.
  • Supply Requirements: 115V/230V ±10% auto-selecting 50/60Hz 1ph 2300VA max.
  • Safety: An earth terminal is provided for connection to a local earth. The unit is complies with BSEN61010 and has CE mark
  • Temperature Range: Storage: -20°C to 60°C, Operating: 0°C to 45°C
  • Dimensions: Standard unit 380mm x 314mm x 221mm, Pelicase unit 560mm x 456mm x 265mm
  • Weight: Standard unit: 19.5kg, Pelicase unit: 23.3kg